California Speech-Language Pathologist License Renewal Guide - 2024

AKA: California Speech Therapy License Renewal

Speech Pathologist Programs

by Speech Pathologist Programs Staff

Updated: March 19th, 2024

California Speech-Language Pathologist License Renewal Procedure

SLP license renewals can be completed online if the following criteria are met:

  • The license must be valid and in good standing
  • No name or address changes are required
  • The license renewal has not been delinquent for more than two cycles
  • No citations or outstanding balances exist under your name

Or you can mail the paper renewal application to:

Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Board
1601 Response Road
Suite 260
Sacramento, CA 95815

Acquiring Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours is a condition for license renewal. The first time you renew 12 CPD hours are required, and subsequent renewal periods require 24 CPD hours. After completing a CPD activity, you will be given a certificate of completion to hold on to for two years. If you are chosen to produce proof of your CPD hours during a random audit, submit the certificates for verification.

CPD hours are gained through courses, seminars, workshops, or any activity the Board deems acceptable. At least 20 hours of the CPD must be in the area of speech-language pathology, no more than six hours can be in self-study courses, no more than four hours can be taken in a related course, and no more than 8 hours can be a combination of self-study and related courses.

Renewals take place every two years. You can pay the $150 fee online or make a check payable to SLPAHADB.