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by Speech Pathologist Programs Staff

Updated: February 28th, 2023

An online database that provides information on evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology. It offers summaries of research articles related to speech and language intervention, as well as tools for clinicians to evaluate the evidence behind various treatment approaches.

Explore SpeechBite to Find Research and Expand Your Clinical Practice

As a speech language pathology student, you can use the SpeechBite website and resources to learn more about research and how to conduct research yourself

Following these steps to learn how:

  1. Explore the website: Visit the SpeechBite website to familiarize yourself with the resources available. SpeechBite is a searchable database of evidence-based practice (EBP) summaries in speech-language pathology. The website contains information on a wide range of topics, including assessments, treatments, and interventions.
  2. Search for relevant topics: Use the search bar on the SpeechBite homepage to find information on specific topics that interest you. For example, you could search for “language assessment,” “stuttering treatment,” or “AAC interventions.”
  3. Read the summaries: Once you have found summaries related to your topic of interest, read through them carefully. The summaries provide a brief overview of the research study, including its methods, findings, and implications for clinical practice.
  4. Evaluate the evidence: Consider the strength and quality of the evidence presented in the summary. Is the study design robust? Are the results statistically significant? Are there any limitations or biases that may impact the validity of the study’s findings?
  5. Apply the findings: Use the information you have learned to inform your clinical practice. For example, if you read a summary about an effective intervention for children with phonological disorders, you could try implementing that intervention with your clients.
  6. Conduct your own research: If you are interested in conducting research yourself, SpeechBite can serve as a valuable resource for finding relevant studies to inform your research question and methodology. You can also use the website to stay up-to-date on the latest research trends and findings in the field.

Overall, SpeechBite is an excellent resource for speech language pathology students looking to learn more about research and evidence-based practice. By using the website’s resources and applying the findings to your clinical practice, you can enhance your knowledge and skills as a speech language pathologist.