Michigan Speech-Language Pathologist Salary Guide - 2024

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Updated: February 28th, 2024

Individuals with communication and swallowing difficulties benefit greatly from the work of speech-language pathologists. They are employed by colleges, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and private practices. The remuneration of speech-language pathologists in Michigan reflects the rising demand for these professionals.

In Michigan, a speech-language pathologist’s annual income as of 2021 was about $81,670 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022). The precise sum, however, can differ based on a number of variables, including education, experience, region, and the kind of employer. For instance, speech-language pathologists in the urban areas of Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor typically make more money than their counterparts in smaller towns and cities.

The healthcare sector and the state’s economy both have an impact on the need for speech-language pathologists. Speech-language pathologists in Michigan now have more employment options thanks to the state’s booming healthcare sector. This is due to the fact that many persons with swallowing and communication issues need the help of a speech-language pathologist in order to enhance their quality of life.

A valid license from the Michigan Board of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists is required for employment as a speech-language pathologist in Michigan, as well as a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from a recognized program. They need to pass a national exam in addition to doing a clinical fellowship.

In conclusion, the need for speech-language pathologists’ services is increasing, and they may anticipate earning a respectable compensation in Michigan. With a master’s degree and a current license, they can work in a number of settings and assist people with communication and swallowing issues in improving their quality of life. Speech-language pathology is a field that is anticipated to expand both in Michigan and nationwide due to the continued demand for healthcare services.

Michigan Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries – Visualized

Speech-Language Pathologist Salary by Industry in Michigan

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in urban areas of Michigan

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Ann Arbor, MI230$84,780
Battle Creek, MI70$75,400
Bay City, MI80$76,370
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI1,530$80,370
Flint, MI130$78,720
Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI590$74,450
Jackson, MI70$77,170
Kalamazoo-Portage, MI120$75,630
Lansing-East Lansing, MI160$79,560
Midland, MI40$72,240
Monroe, MI50$78,190
Muskegon, MI60$72,760
Niles-Benton Harbor, MI60$73,620
Saginaw, MI100$78,970
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in rural areas of Michigan

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Upper Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area110$77,530
Northeast Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area40$73,410
Northwest Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area110$83,340
Balance of Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area230$75,470
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

What is it like to work as an SLP in Michigan?

Depending on where you work as a speech-language pathologist in Michigan, you can have a wide range of experiences. Here are some details on what a speech-language pathologist’s life would be like in three Michigan cities:

Detroit: The healthcare sector is thriving in Detroit, the biggest city in Michigan. You may anticipate working with a wide range of patients in Detroit as a speech-language therapist, including those who have issues with swallowing and communication. In addition, there are several employment opportunities in Detroit in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and schools. Compared to other Michigan locations, Detroit has a higher cost of living, but speech-language pathologists there also earn more money.

Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids is a tiny city in western Michigan that is renowned for its thriving culture and excellent standard of living. In Grand Rapids, you can anticipate working in a welcoming and encouraging workplace with lots of chances to cooperate with other healthcare professionals. Grand Rapids has a lower cost of living than Detroit, but speech-language pathologists here make a little less money as well.

Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, a college town in southeast Michigan. You may anticipate a wide patient base as a speech-language therapist in Ann Arbor, including those with communication and swallowing issues and students with learning challenges. Compared to other Michigan cities, Ann Arbor has a higher cost of living, but this city also has a better pay rate for speech-language pathologists.

In conclusion, each of these Michigan cities provides speech-language pathologists with a distinctive experience that has its own benefits and drawbacks. You might discover that one city is a better fit for you than another depending on your own tastes. No matter where you work, you can count on having a good influence on the lives of those who struggle with communication and swallowing issues.