Kentucky Speech-Language Pathologist Salary Guide - 2024

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by Speech Pathologist Programs Staff

Updated: February 28th, 2024

Speech-Language Pathologists, or SLPs, are highly qualified specialists who make a significant difference in the lives of people with speech and communication impairments. SLPs make good earnings in Kentucky, making it an appealing career option for people who have a passion for helping others.

The average yearly pay for speech-language pathologists in Kentucky is $81,660 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022), with a range of $53,750 to $115,430 for bottom 10% and top 90% respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Due to the fact that this is marginally higher than the US average, Kentucky is a desirable location for SLPs.

SLPs are in high demand in Kentucky, especially in cities like Louisville and Lexington where the demand for speech therapy services is rising. SLPs can pick from a wide range of job environments and patient groups because to the numerous schools, hospitals, and private clinics that the state has to offer.

The degree of education and experience that an SLP has is one of the major elements that determines their pay. SLPs in Kentucky who possess a master’s degree in the area and have a significant amount of experience should anticipate making more money than those who are just starting out.

The type of company also has an impact on an SLP’s pay. For instance, SLPs employed in hospitals, where there is a greater need for speech therapy services and compensation is commensurate with experience and competence, often make higher salaries than those employed in schools.

In conclusion, competitive pay makes speech-language pathologists in Kentucky a viable career choice for those who desire to improve the lives of people with communication and speech impairments. SLPs in Kentucky can anticipate a safe and fulfilling career due to a rising demand for SLP services and a variety of work options.

Kentucky Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries – Visualized

Speech-Language Pathologist Salary by Industry in Kentucky

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in urban areas of Kentucky

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Bowling Green, KY100$70,390
Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, KY80$70,900
Lexington-Fayette, KY300$77,040
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN600$91,040
Owensboro, KY70$76,230
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in rural areas of Kentucky

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
West Kentucky nonmetropolitan area190$69,470
South Central Kentucky nonmetropolitan area210$66,800
Central Kentucky nonmetropolitan area260$68,040
East Kentucky nonmetropolitan area170$69,990
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

What is like to work as an SLP in Kentucky?

Depending on where you work as a speech-language pathologist in Kentucky, you can have a wide variety of experiences. Each of the three cities—Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green—offers special working conditions and employment prospects for SLPs.

Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville, is renowned for having a flourishing healthcare sector. In Louisville, SLPs can anticipate a fast-paced work environment and a variety of job options in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and private offices. Additionally, the city has a diversified patient base that enables SLPs to treat a variety of communication and speech issues.

The second-largest city in Kentucky, Lexington, is noted for its excellent educational system and is home to a number of universities. SLPs working in Lexington can anticipate a variety of job options in educational institutions and private clinics, as well as chances to cooperate with other experts in the area. The city is a fantastic place to launch or advance a profession because it also has a strong SLP community.

In western Kentucky, there is a little city called Bowling Green. SLPs working in Bowling Green should anticipate a more laid-back work atmosphere and a close-knit group of peers. SLPs can work in a variety of settings in the city, including private clinics, schools, and settings where they can collaborate with other medical professionals.

In conclusion, there are a variety of experiences available for speech-language pathologists in Kentucky, depending on where they work. SLPs can choose the area that best meets their professional and personal objectives because every city, from Louisville to Bowling Green, has a distinct work environment, job possibilities, and patient demographic.