Connecticut Speech-Language Pathologist Salary Guide - 2024

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by Speech Pathologist Programs Staff

Updated: February 28th, 2024

SLPs are medical specialists who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of communication and speech impairments in people. Due to Connecticut’s substantial elderly population, which may need speech therapy, SLPs are in great demand there. Additionally, the state’s robust healthcare industry offers SLPs a variety of work prospects.

The average yearly pay for SLPs in Connecticut is $94,380 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022), which is more than the national average of $89,460, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is partly a result of the state’s higher cost of living and the high demand for certified SLPs. Stamford, Bridgeport, and Hartford offer the highest incomes in Connecticut for SLPs, with annual salaries exceeding $100,000.

The income of an SLP in Connecticut is significantly influenced by experience, education, and other factors. A speech-language pathology master’s degree and several years of experience enable SLPs to earn better compensation than those with less training and experience. Additionally, due to the specialized nature of their work, SLPs that focus on particular fields, like pediatrics or neurology, might make more money.

SLPs in Connecticut may anticipate a full benefits package, which includes paid time off, health insurance, and retirement benefits, in addition to a competitive pay. Many employers also provide chances for professional growth and ongoing education, which may result in future salary increases and career promotion.

SLPs in Connecticut can anticipate a satisfying and lucrative profession with room for growth and progress. The need for skilled SLPs is anticipated to stay high due to the state’s aging population growth and its robust healthcare industry, which will lead to plenty of job possibilities and market-competitive incomes for individuals who want to work in speech-language pathology.

Connecticut Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries – Visualized

Speech-Language Pathologist Salary by Industry in Connecticut

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in urban areas of Connecticut

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT550$101,200
Danbury, CT100$99,360
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT700$93,030
New Haven, CT300$91,260
Norwich-New London-Westerly, CT-RI120$85,150
Waterbury, CT110$86,110
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

Speech-Language Pathologists Salaries in rural areas of Connecticut

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Connecticut nonmetropolitan area50$90,620
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2021

What is it like to work as an SLP in Connecticut?

Depending on the city where one works, being a speech-language pathologist in Connecticut offers a variety of experiences.

SLPs should anticipate a fast-paced, urban environment in Stamford, with many of career prospects in sizable healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Stamford offers plenty of opportunity for SLPs to specialize in several fields and work with a wide clientele because to its robust economy and diversified population.

SLPs may work in Bridgeport in a setting that is more community-focused and geared toward meeting the needs of the city’s varied and underprivileged populations. Working in educational institutions, community centers, and nonprofit organizations may be required. In this environment, SLPs may have the chance to significantly improve the lives of people they assist while also fostering a strong feeling of community and teamwork among peers.

With a focus on helping the city’s older population as well as its expanding population of children and families, SLPs in Hartford can anticipate working in a variety of urban and suburban settings. SLPs may have the chance to work in a range of settings in this dynamic environment, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and schools. Hartford provides SLPs with a distinctive and enlightening experience on both a professional and personal level because to its rich cultural past and thriving arts scene.

Even while each of Connecticut’s three cities offers its own distinct experiences for SLPs, there are still plenty of chances for each of them to advance professionally and find personal fulfillment. SLPs in Connecticut can anticipate a rewarding and well-paying profession with chances for growth and advancement, whether they work in an urban, suburban, or community context.